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The Global Petroleum Show Is Back, and So Are We

by Katie Reid, on Wed, Jun 01, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

Get a close-up look at Swagelok products when you visit our booth in Calgary next week

  We are excited to be unveiling our new branded booth at this year's GPS in Calgary. Stop by booth #1076 June 7th - 9th and see what new products we are featuring.

June is finally here, and that means a trip to Calgary for the Global Petroleum Show. This year the three-day event will be held June 7th through 9th at their usual place ‘stomping ground,’ Stampede Park.

The exhibit hall will be packed with 1,500 companies. If you've visited the Swagelok booth at previous shows, you'll know where to find us. If this is your first time attending, look for us right inside the doors of Hall A, at booth 1076. This year we are going for a new look with a brand new booth, so if you don’t recognize the booth at first, don’t worry it’s still us! And we'll be there along with our colleagues from across Canada, including Calgary Valve & Fitting, Swagelok Central Ontario, Swagelok Central Houston, and a few Swagelok field engineers.

Time to 'smarten' up

One of the big decisions we have to make every year is which products to feature. The Swagelok catalogue is too big to bring a sample of each item.

This time, we're giving special attention to our Smart Systems. They put a brain your sampling system, capturing and reporting data such as critical flow, temperature, and pressure of process fluids destined to your analyzers. They employ Swagelok’s intrinsically safe Intelligent Control Module product and intrinsically safe PTX series pressure and temperature transducers.

The ICM product’s on-board library of scripts and embedded script processor let you run standard routines, or you can program it yourself. Even while your process is running, you can monitor the script and make adjustments.

Swagelok’s intrinsically safe PTX series pressure and temperature transducer is a single component that can make multiple measurements.

We're planning some special presentations on Smart products in our mini-boardroom at the show, so check in with us to get the times.

We'll also make presentations on our Grab Sample Modules. Made by our Custom Solutions department, Grab Sample Modules make it easier to collect and analyze samples in your fluid system. All the parts are mounted on a panel, with support for a sample cylinder. We offer designs for sampling gasses, volatile liquids, and liquid vials. The panels use quick connect couplings, allowing you to safely and repeatedly get samples from the right locations. A hose provides a flexible connection into the sample cylinder. We can add purge and pressure relieve options too.

But wait, there's more

  Two PrESS modules that we will be showing at the GPS include the Fast Loop Module (top image) and the Field Station Module (bottom image). 

In addition to our presentation products, we're also bringing examples of two pre-engineered subsystems: our Fast Loop Module and our Field Station Module. And we'll have some examples of our RHPS Series line of pressure regulators.

Stop by our booth and we can also talk to you about special alloys available for many Swagelok parts. There are times when stainless steel isn't the best material for the job, so we carry a dozen special alloys to help meet your requirements. Each has a unique set of properties that give top corrosion resistance under tough conditions. We can machine any of our fittings out of almost any material that is machinable, so come on by and discover your options.

On with the show

Each year the Global Petroleum Show brings something new. This year there will be a Clean Technology Forum, an exhibit called the Digital Oilfield Experience, focusing on drones, data collection and mobile device software; a Fracking Innovation Zone; and a Global Logistics Zone.

The show drew about 50,000 people last year. Make sure you don't get lost in the crowd by registering now and planning a visit to our booth #1076. 


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