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Swagelok Tube Fitting Installation Class is Now Available in 2 Sizes

Today we'll look at what is covered in our 45-minute Introduction to Tube Fitting Installation and Safety session versus the half-day Tube Fitting Installation Essentials Seminar. 

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FAQ: Which Swagelok Location Should I Contact?

Quickly identify the Swagelok locations closest to you with the info and link at this page.

Quickly identify the Swagelok Sales and Service Centre closest to you with the info and links below.

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Reducing Human Error in Industrial Fluid Systems: 2023 Swagelok Training Options

James Dickie discusses the value of Swagelok training seminars in a new video

The number one problem associated with the installation of small bore tubing systems is human error, Swagelok explains in a video (below) published in December 2022. But the right kind of training shr …

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Understanding Regulator Performance (New Video,  Resource Collection)

A regulator's ability to maintain accuracy despite system changes -- is key to dependable performance.

In May we wrote about how regulator selection is crucial to achieving the performance you want in your system or your process. Today we focus on factors affecting regulator performance after installat …

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Elevate Your Grab Sampling System with Field Advisor Tom Webster

Think of Edmonton Valve & Fitting's Tom Webster, Field Advisor, as your go-to grab sampling expert. He has completed a year-long training and testing regime under experts like Tony Waters —arguabl …

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New Technical Briefing: Materials for Oxygen Service (with Ignition Example Photos)

Oxygen is used in steelmaking and metals refining, petroleum processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturing processes. Industrial engineers can't eliminate the chance of oxygen system …

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