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FAQ: How Fast Can You Deliver a Custom Fluid System Assembly?

Assembling Swagelok parts into sub-assemblies requires time and expertise. You can save by turning the job over to our Custom Solutions Department.

With our in-house experts, large inventory, fully equipped shop, and decades of experience, we are efficient. Safety and reliability are the top priorities.

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Refurbishing & Re-Using Swagelok Tube Fittings (Photos, Video, PDF)

Learn how our Fitting Reclamation Program keeps Swagelok fittings in service longer

If you are taking a system apart for maintenance or repair, and putting it back together in exactly the same way, can you use the original fittings and ferrules? Probably yes. In this article we provi …

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How Edmonton Valve Leverages the Global Field Engineering Expertise of Swagelok

Our field advisors work closely with the global engineering team to bring local knowledge together with a world class product and application engineering team.

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How Edmonton Valve Has Brought Value and Savings to Customers Since 2000

Our 60-member + team has at least 40 ways it can add extra value for customers while doing business together. VIP Reports help customers see the total value their organization is getting from us.

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3 Common Mistakes with Bench Top Tube Benders (with Demo Video & PDFs)

You want to make the right bend on the first try—that saves time and avoids scrap. View tips and a video aimed at helping you get top performance from a Swagelok bench top tube bender. Then download a …

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FAQ: What if we need Swagelok parts or expertise at 2:00am?

We have team members on call around the clock. Every day. Every night. Year round.

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