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SAGD Blowdown: Ensuring Your Sampling Systems Help Optimize Production Costs

Field Advisors can perform sampling audits and make recommendations to lower your blowdown rate

With 80% of Alberta’s oil sands buried 150 meters to 450 meters deep on average, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is the trusted method for heavy crude oil and bitumen recovery. High-temperature …

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Determining a Seal Support System’s Quality Before Purchase

 Seal support system

What makes a high-quality seal support system? In a basic sense, we may link the quality of a seal support system to its ability to provide the ideal condition for lubrication and cooling at the seal …

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Minimizing Mechanical Seal Leak Rate in Your Alberta Facility

Assessing the mechanical seal leak rate

The extent of loss from a mechanical seal support leak rate can vary, but they’re inevitable. One major reason for pumping application failure, as seen across refineries in Alberta, has been mechanica …

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How SAGD Subcool is Affected by Fluid Dynamics

Consistent monitoring and evaluation of the SAGD process for leaks and energy loss are important for productivity.

Recovery of heavy oil in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) is highly dependent on the temperature and viscosity of the fluids involved. It is well established that when the heated steam is passed …

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Top Refinery Emission Factors and Source Mitigation Strategies for Alberta Plants

Refineries are one of the largest sources of energy and are important to accommodate the ever-growing energy demand of the modern world. However, refinery emissions are often high and include air and …

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Ensuring Smoother Oil and Gas Operations in Fort McMurray Canada

When it comes to oil and gas operations in Fort McMurray, Canada, equipment reliability is key. For heavy oil and bitumen transport, there needs to be confidence that your equipment can stand up to th …

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