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Swagelok Solutions for Hydrogen Applications

Learn about Swagelok products used in on-vehicle and infrastructure hydrogen applications.

Of the 6,000+ fluid system parts Swagelok has developed, some are specifically engineered for compatibility with hydrogen applications. Today we'll highlight 10 product lines.

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8 Simple Custom Solutions: Turn Times, Photos, Case Studies, FAQs

With certified technicians and large inventory, we're equipped to build leak-tight assemblies

A new section of our website features examples of custom solutions we build for customers. Learn about the process and how we achieve same-day turnaround in some cases while meeting Swagelok's rigorou …

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Use Ferrules and Fittings That Match the Material of the Tubing (Part 1)

How to properly choose the fittings, ferrules, and tubing materials to match your applications

Swagelok's informational video describes how to select which materials to use for ferrules and fittings to match your tubing. Also see When Tube Fitting Material Should Not Match Tubing Material (Part …

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New Technical Briefing: Materials for Oxygen Service (with Ignition Example Photos)

Oxygen is used in steelmaking and metals refining, petroleum processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturing processes. Industrial engineers can't eliminate the chance of oxygen system …

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New Technical Briefing: Gas Distribution Systems with Swagelok's Karim Mahraz

Learn about a recent presentation on gas distribution system best practices by Swagelok's analytical instrumentation guru Karim Mahraz.

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New Technical Briefing: Grab Sampling Best Practices with Mike Strobel

Learn about a recent presentation on grab sampling best practices by Swagelok's Mike Strobel, BSc., IE, Field Engineer/Americas.

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