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Modifying a Mechanical Seal Support Assembly Drawing to Fit Your Alberta Facility

Field Advisors can perform sampling audits and make recommendations to lower your blowdown rate

Installing a safe and reliable mechanical seal support system is not an easy feat. The mechanical seal support system regulates the fluid system environment to set process conditions, ensuring process …

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Fugitive Emissions Abatement: Fabrication, Components, and Field Advisory

 Seal support system

Fugitive emissions are one of the biggest issues for Canada’s oil and gas sector. In 2020, the industry accounted for almost 36.4% of the country’s total methane emissions. And, what makes these emiss …

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How To Optimize Your Fugitive Emissions Plan in Edmonton Refineries

A fugitive emission plan will encompass every step of the refinery process

Fugitive emissions are the bane of any refinery process. Releasing methane contributes to intensifying climate change effects and is twenty to forty times more effective at trapping heat than an equal …

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Choosing Reliable Seal Support System Lubrication Can Help Avoid These Common Alberta Refinery Problems

When mechanical seals fail, it’s usually because the seal support system failed to maintain the proper seal chamber environment. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is …

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Your Seal Support Systems Inspection May Be Missing Leaks in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Refineries

Oil and gas refineries in Alberta depend on thousands of pumps to support their operations, and, in turn, those pumps rely on seal support systems to perform efficiently. Because they are so centrally …

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Mechanical Seal Support Material Selection Guide for Oil and Gas Operations in Alberta

The rotating equipment used in Alberta oil and gas operations relies on mechanical seals and seal support systems to prevent fluid leaks, leading to fugitive emissions, equipment damage, unplanned dow …

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