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Compare Our Tube-in-Tube Coils to Pre-Packaged Sample Coolers

Did you know Edmonton Valve builds tube-in-tube coils (examples below) in sizes up to one inch tubing, in a wide variety of materials? And that our team is standing by help with all the flow, temp, an …

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10 Tips on Steam Heat Exchanger and Tracing System Design

It's critical to know the operational characteristics of where the system will function. Not knowing can lead to choosing the wrong components. Read on for details, then please click through for info …

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Whacky Alberta Weather Calls for Wise Winterizing

winterization group

Low temperatures can mean ruptured tubing and other problems. Here are four free resources to help you winterize... and avoid crises.

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To Slay Ice, A Steam Lance Is The Weapon Of Choice

steam lance with handle.jpg

It's also great for eliminating solidification of asphalt, heavy oils and plastics

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Freezing Weather's Almost Gone, But It's Not Forgotten

insulated & heat trace.png

Start planning for next winter now with our insulation and tracing packages

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Cost of Steam Systems: Beyond Fuel Cost & Boiler Efficiency

Fuel cost and boiler efficiency are key elements, but they tell less than half the story. For example, depending on the system, condensate may be getting to the tank through several different return s …

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