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We're Back!

Thu, Jan 04, 2018 @ 14:01 PM / by Alecia Robinson

Thanks for your patience while we worked out some website issues


If you wondered what was going on with our website at the very end of 2017, you aren't alone.

Without getting into the technical jargon, we had to update some security settings, and we had to coordinate that effort with Swagelok's headquarters in Ohio. But because of holiday schedules, it took longer than expected to get all the web-related technology in sync.

In the meantime we temporarily had to redirect visitors from our regular Edmonton site to a site hosted by Swagelok. We also were unable to post fresh material to our blog, and you may have received an email from us with some links that didn't work properly, we apologize for that.

The good news is that we had everything untangled for the start of the new year. We have some great new content planned for 2018. As always, we're looking forward to helping you with anything related to fluid systems.

What you may have missed

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Alecia Robinson

Written by Alecia Robinson