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We're Here When You Need Us, Even after Business Hours

With our On-Call Service, parts and expertise are available around the clock.


Earlier this year, one of our customers was wrapping up a normal night shift when a flange broke in the pre-dawn hours. This particular flange was crucial to production. It wasn't a standard part. And they couldn't sit around and wait for Edmonton Valve & Fitting to unlock the doors at 7:30 a.m. They needed that flange right now.

Fortunately, that's not a problem for us. Our customer dialed our regular number, 780-437-0640, and followed the prompts to be forwarded to our on-call service. Account manager Andrew Beliveau took the call, used a special app on his phone to check our inventory, and then hit the road. 

"I drove out at 6 a.m., and by 6:30 it was installed," he says.

We're prepared

The combination of deep inventory and quick response makes our on-call service a real lifesaver. We invest a lot of money to make sure we have parts right here in Edmonton. And every January we put together a schedule for our staff, each person taking over the on-call duties for a week. 

When you dial in, it rings the cell phone of the person on duty that week. Whatever they are doing, they drop everything and help you. You might catch them on the golf course, at an aerobics class, out in a duck blind, or resting at home. Regardless, they will go right into action. Or we can send a courier. Or you may prefer to send your own courier; we'll put the part in a bin outside our office for you to pick up.

Information too

Sometimes you might need information rather than a part. We can get it for you. We have access to all Swagelok manuals and catalogues. Our account managers work closely with customers, so they might even have the information in their heads already. 

We know that a broken or missing part can cost your company thousands of dollars. There's no need to wring your hands. Ring us instead at 780-437-0640, and be sure that you never miss any news updates for product changes, launches or information by following our LinkedIn page.

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