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We've Upgraded Our Technology for Spotting 'Invisible' Gas Leaks

by Luke Wurban, on Fri, Dec 06, 2019 @ 14:12 PM

New tablet computer makes our thermal camera perform even better

Flir Videos Combined

Actual example videos recorded from our team of Field Service Technicians to show the power and capabilities of the FLIR camera. All information shown in this video is the property of Edmonton Valve & Fitting Inc. 

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How does it work?

Longtime readers of our blog might remember a great tool we use for detecting gas leaks: the FLIR camera. Made by FLIR Systems Inc., the camera "sees" thermal energy. 

When we point it at a piece of tubing or equipment that has a hydrocarbon leak, the leak shows up as a cloud on the camera screen, even though it's invisible to the naked eye.

Now we've added a new tool, a customized tablet computer that gives us more detailed information about each leak. 

The QL320 tablet by Providence Photonics takes information from the FLIR camera and measures the leak rates for methane, butane, propane and other hydrocarbons. We tell the tablet what kind of gas you are dealing with, and it can determine the size of the leak, either in terms of mass or in volume. 

With this new combination of technology, we don't have to estimate the leak size and then follow up with a toxic vapor analyzer or similar tool. Within seconds, the tablet gives us solid numbers to report to our customers.

Designed for the job

The tablet was designed specifically to work with the camera, so the integration is seamless. 

The new tools also offer extra safety because they work at a distance. That's important when you are dealing with flammable materials. We can use the camera from inside a truck parked 30 feet away and still get excellent results. 

The combination of the camera and tablet allows us to archive the measurements and save a colorized video of the leak. With our leak-detection technology, we often find more leaks than the customer was aware of. Now we can quantify those leaks and help you save time and money.

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