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When the Pressure's on, Swagelok Has the Parts to Handle It

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Jul 30, 2020 @ 15:07 PM

Get strong, reliable connections with our valves, fittings, and tubing

Medium Pressure FittingsBrowse through our selection of Swagelok Medium- & High Pressure valves, fittings, and tubing to learn how this combination of products can withstand high-risk and high-vibration environments. 

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Go ahead, show us your most challenging pressure demands and applications. Swagelok has the medium- and high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing engineered to create strong, reliable connections faster. With our medium- and high-pressure solutions, you'll improve system up-time, reduce installation costs, and boost safety and environmental compliance. 

Swagelok carries a range of options in various alloys and sizes up to 1½ inches, and anti-vibration options to help ensure a leak-tight system.


Maximize the performance and reliability of your system with robust valves FK medium-pressure integral cone and thread, or NPT end connections designed to handle the pressure of your operation.

  • Swagelok Ball Valves offer smooth quarter-turn operation in a compact design, providing positive shutoff in applications up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar). Air actuated options are also available. The advanced design of the FKB Series ball valve reduces seal wear and improves the reliability of connections across a full range of operating pressures and temperatures. The CTB Series ball valve delivers reliable performance with cone-and-thread end connections. Both include a trunnion-style ball with a direct-load design to deliver leak-tight performance, and a bottom-loaded stem design to eliminate stem blowout and ensure operator safety.
  • Our Check Valves are available in three designs: ball-seal, soft-seal, and dual seal. These rugged valves handle a maximum working pressure of up to 60,000 psig (4134 bar) with a nominal cracking pressure of 15 psig (1.0 bar).
  • Single/Double Block & Bleed Valves can reduce your system footprint and achieve positive isolation. Single block and bleed valves have a needle/needle configuration. Double block and bleed valve can be ball/needle/ball or needle/needle/ needle. They are available for working pressures of up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar).
  • Needle Valves come in six body styles to handle working pressures up to 60,000 psig (4134 bar). The non-rotating two-piece stem design fully opens in just four to five turns. The NVT design also allows for easy panel mounting with an integral bonnet locking mechanism to prevent accidental disassembly.
  • Relief Valves can handle working pressures up to 20,000 psig. A proportional lift design is available; customer-adjustable or factory-set.


The safe and reliable leak-tight protection of Swagelok fittings means lower installation cost and reduced downtime due to leaks.

  • FK Medium-Pressure Gaugeable Fittings and Adapters are simple and easy to install. Swagelok’s innovative FK medium-pressure compression fittings and adapters offer a leak-tight gas seal and vibration resistance in applications up to 22,500 psig (1551 bar). FK fittings are offered in 316 stainless steel, alloy 2507 super duplex (NACE and NORSOK-compliant), and alloy 625 (NACE-compliant) with proven performance on a variety of tubing types and materials.
  • Cone & Thread Fittings come in versions designed for medium pressure, up to 20,000 psig (1378 bar); and for high pressure for up to 60 000 psig (4134 bar) maximum working pressure. Strain-hardened 316 stainless steel fittings supplied complete with gland and collars. Alloy 2507 super duplex (NACE-compliant) and alloy 625 (NACE-compliant) fittings anti-vibration connection components are available.


  • Medium-Pressure Tubing for FK fittings allow you to put it all together with heavy-wall annealed or cold-drawn 316 stainless steel tubing. Or get enhanced corrosion protection by using annealed alloy 2507 super duplex tubing. Its increased material strength allows for reduced wall thickness and enhanced flow through the same diameter tube. Swagelok’s medium-pressure tubing handles pressure up to 22,500 psig (1551 bar).
  • Medium- and High-Pressure Cone & Thread Tubing provides a maximum working pressure of up to 60,000 psig (4134 bar) and is readily available in various lengths. Custom lengths and pre-coned and threaded tube nipples are also available.

Training, tools, and accessories

Complete your assembly capabilities with training, tools, and accessories no matter the connection type integrated within your system.

For working with FK Series fittings we offer an Installation Essentials training course, a depth-marking tool, a gap inspection gauge, and tube bending equipment.

To help you work with cone and thread tubing we have an Installation Essentials Training Course, a special tool kit and tube bending equipment.

Whether you need parts, tools, training or the whole package, we have what you need. Call us at 780-437-0640 or send a note through our contact page.

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