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Which Hose for the Job? Edmonton Valve Can Help You Decide

by Katie Dennis, on Mon, Jul 13, 2015 @ 09:07 AM

Our Hose Quicklook can help you choose from more than 20 different series of hoses


Download a copy of our Hose & flexible tubing Quicklook here. It's filled with information on end connections, quick connects, and a handy selection guide. Download here   

Picking the wrong hose for a job could hurt your bottom line without you even being aware of it. Yet sometimes looking through the Swagelok hose catalogue can feel overwhelming. After all, Swagelok has over 20 series of hose and flexible tubing, including metal, PTFE, PFA, rubber, nylon, polyethylene, and vinyl, conductive and nonconductive hose, static dissipative hose, almost 40 different hose end connections, and multiple hose cover and tag options. A typical hose part number has at least 13 digits. There are nearly endless combinations of hose, end connections, and options to choose from.

Swagelok hose quicklook

With this in mind, we offer a two-page hose and flexible tubing Quick Look to give you an overview of Swagelok hose and to help you quickly find the hose you are looking for. After looking at the Quick Look, you can dive into our 88-page hose catalog, download the PDF here, with a better sense of which hoses you need to look at more closely.

In addition, we have a dedicated staff of customer support specialists and account managers ready to help you choose the right hose.

Hose assembled to order

After you find the hose you are looking for, we can probably put it together for you right here in Edmonton. We have a team of full-time technicians along with support staff managing the front end of the operation who focus on building hose in a facility dedicated for just that job. Within our assembly process we maintain tight tolerances and certified testing. We can do hydrostatic tests, helium leak tests, and pressure decay testing. Some hoses require that we provide a test certificate, and some don't. But we can provide testing and documentation with any hose if requested. If the need ever arises, we can trace each individual hose back to the original technician and manufacturing process run.

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