Mechanical Seal Support Best Practices Resource Collection

Collection - Seal SupportThis collection includes:

  • Mechanical Seal Support Best Practices Technical Briefing Video
  • Mechanical Seal Support Systems Application Guide
  • Mechanical Seal Support Systems Interactive PDF
  • Mechanical Seal Support Systems Quicklook
  • Links to articles by our local team, other technical briefings, more

About the technical briefing video

Sean HunsickerWatch a presentation on mechanical seal support system considerations by Swagelok's Market Manager/Chemical & Refining, Sean Hunsicker. Through  examples he shows how proper design and installation of seal support systems is critical to keeping rotating equipment available for production. If seal system fluid is dirty or contains particulate, for example, seal life can be negatively affected. Similarly, delivering the fluid at the wrong pressure or temperature can cause premature or even catastrophic seal failure. 

Presenter Sean Hunsicker, Swagelok Chemical & Refining Market Manager, has developed and implemented market strategies for the chemical and refining industries for Swagelok's global distributor network. He has also provided market analysis and growth strategies for process interface, rotating equipment, and plant utilities companies in mature and emerging markets.

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