Consolidated, JIT and more

Order from 600,000 individual part numbers for fittings, hoses, leak detectors, measurement devices, quick-connects, regulators, sample cylinders, tubing, valves, and more. We offer consolidated shipments, just in time delivery, shipment tracking, and 24x7x365 emergency service. We can also help customers control costs by providing support on inventory, scheduling, processing, receiving and more.

JIT Delivery

At every step in procurement, our JIT delivery system helps control supply chain costs – including inventory, scheduling, processing, receiving, freight, and more. (If you use to order components, typical delivery information is provided for every part of your order.)

Consolidated Shipments

We lower logistics costs by reducing the shipments to your job site. If you purchase online from the Swagelok website you can select "Ship Complete" to help reduce back-orders.

Shipment Tracking

Every time you place an order with us, we link your purchase order number to the freight carrier to simplify shipment tracking. We can also provide month-by-month reports showing items purchased and quantities delivered.

Emergency service

Depend on Edmonton Valve 24 x 7 x 365 when you need emergency parts service or emergency technical support. Please dial  1-780-437-0640 and follow the prompts.