Swagelok Grab Sample Cylinders

Get details in the free Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide_Stack_300A sample cylinder is required for every GSM system and should be ordered separately when purchasing a new GSM. Various configurations of sample cylinder assemblies, defined as Grab Sample Cylinders (GSC), are available. Read this page and get the Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide to learn more.

About the sample cylinders

  • Five standard cylinder sizes (150, 300, 400, 500, & 1000 cm3)
  • Multiple cylinder and valve material options
  • With or without purge bypass tube
  • Choice of quick connects
  • Outage tubes, needle valves, rupture discs, and carrying handles
  • Cylinder treatment/certification
  • Stem and body protectors
  • PTFE coated inner wall, SilcoNert® coating, or electropolished inner diameter
  • DOT or TPED approved

GSC Assembly Descriptions

Swagelok offers two types of GSC assemblies: standard and purge.

Standard Purge
A cylinder assembly for general use or for use with GSM systems without a purge option.   A cylinder assembly for use with GSM systems with a purge option specified.
Standard GSC
Purge GSC

Regardless of orientation and implementation, the flow direction on all GSC isolation valves is away from the cylinder. Needle valves have a preferential shutoff direction for restraining pressure and the valve will be oriented such that it is best situated for resisting the internal pressure of the cylinder.

See the Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide for specifics on GSC materials of construction, press-temperature ratings and dimensions.


View accessories available for the cylinders.


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