Standard Grab Sample Panel Designs

Get details in the free Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide_Stack_300Part of the value of a Swagelok grab sample solution is that a standard design can be easily customized to your specific process requirements. No need to worry about adjusting your sample because of a system limitation—we get it configured correctly right from the start and offer quick local support if your requirements change down the road.

Click on each of the designs below for additional information. Get comprehensive information by downloading the free Grab Sampling System Application Guide.

Grab Sample Module (GSM - Gas)
GSM-G-1(-N) GSM-G-1(-P) GSM-G-2(-N) GSM-G-2(-P)
Standard Gas Sampler or GSM-G-1(-N): General use for gas sampling. A key feature of the GSM is the switching valve that directs flow. Standard Gas Sampler with Purge or GSM-G-1(-P) Continuous Flow Gas Sampler GSM-G-2(-N): General use for gas sampling when continuous flow is required from inlet to outlet. Continuous Flow Gas Sampler with Purge or GSM-G-2(-P)
Grab Sample Module (GSM - Liquid)
GSM-L-1(-N) GSM-L-1(-P) GSM-L-2(-N) GSM-L-2(-P)
Standard Liquid Sampler or GSM-L-1(-N) Standard Liquid Sampler with Purge or GSM-L-1(-P) Continuous Flow Liquid Sampler or GSM-L-2(-N) Continuous Flow Liquid Sampler with Purge or GSM-L-2(-P)

Liquid Only Sampling Systems (GSL)
Simple Liquid Sampler or GSL1 Simple Liquid Sampler with Purge or GSL2 Continuous Flow Liquid Sampler or GSL3 Continuous Flow with Purge or GSL4
Liquid Sampler with Back Purge or GSL5 Liquid Sampler with Fixed Volume or GSL6 Liquid Sampler with Fixed Volume and Continuous Flow or GSL7



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