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Get details in the free Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide_Stack_300Swagelok grab sampling systems provide solutions to satisfy gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in a consistent, reliable package. Two system types allow for capture into one of two types of containers: pressure-containing metal cylinders as found in the Grab Sample Module (GSM) or non pressure-containing glass or polyethylene bottles as found in the Liquid Only Sampling Module (GSL).

Given the wide variety of configurations available, there are several criteria to consider in order to properly specify a grab sampling system. The table below provides a summary of common system criteria and the grab sample system recommended for the listed combinations. The page numbers listed reference the Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Applications Guide.

Pressurized Storage Sample Receiver Sample Phase Continuous Flow  Purge   Fixed Volume Back Purge Ordering Number Reference    Page No.
Yes Cylinder Liquid No No Yes No GSM-L-1(-N) 9
Yes Cylinder  Liquid No Yes Yes No GSM-L-1(-P) 10
Yes Cylinder Liquid Yes No Yes No GSM-L-2(-N) 13
Yes Cylinder Liquid Yes Yes No No GSM-L-2(-P) 14
Yes Cylinder Gas No No No No GSM-G-1(-N) 11
Yes Cylinder Gas No Yes No No GSM-G-1(-P) 13
Yes Cylinder Gas Yes No No No GSM-G-2(-N) 15
Yes Cylinder Gas Yes Yes No No GSM-G-2(-P) 16
No Bottle Liquid No No No No GSL1 29
No Bottle Liquid No Yes No No GSL2 30
No Bottle Liquid Yes No No No GSL3 31
No Bottle Liquid Yes Yes No No GSL4 32
No Bottle Liquid No Yes No Yes GSL5 33
No Bottle Liquid No No Yes No GSL6 34
No Bottle Liquid Yes No Yes No GSL7 35



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