Mobile Inventory System

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Inside Edmonton's Mobile Inventory TruckFind out how to leverage our procurement systems, inventory management, and installation processes to increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Photo: Inside Edmonton Valve's Mobile Inventory Truck

Our services include:

  • Mobile Unit: Our special truck is stocked with Swagelok products typically used in the oil and gas industry.
  • Vendor-Owned and Vendor-Managed Inventory: We can customize your inventory for your company's unique needs.
  • Product Storage and Replenishment: Our product big comes complete with our big label system, which includes picture identification, part number description, and stock code number.
  • Consignment Inventory: We'll stock inventory at your facility and invoice you for only the product you use.
  • Mobile Inventory Shutdown and Turnaround Service: Temporary consignment inventories for use during construction, shut down, or turn around projects.
  • Scheduled Inventory Service and Technical Assistance: Replenish your inventory and receive technical assistance on a regular basis.
  • Consolidated Billing: Reduce administrative time by receiving one invoice per month instead of several.
  • Performance Reports: A month by month report that tracks items and quantities delivered.
  • Technical Application and Installation Training: Increase your installers' knowledge and skills with our training seminars.
  • Product Maintenance and Repair Reduction Program: Improve performance and reduce costs with our onsite review, which helps identify misuse of materials and improper installation.

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