Swagelok Pre-Insulated Tubing Bundles

Pre-Insulated Tubing Bundles

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Swagelok pre-insulated traced tubing bundles provide reliable process temperature maintenance in a variety of analytical and process instrumentation applications, including impulse lines, sample lines, and process lines. It is used to connect process lines to pressure transmitters and analyzers. The rugged elastomeric jacket offers excellent resistance to abrasion and many chemicals.

Swagelok pre-insulated tubing bundles provide an economical choice compared to field tracing and insulating. The parallel configuration—process and tracer lines are parallel inside the bundle—allows all tubes to bend together in as little as an 8 in. (20.3 cm) radius in tubing sizes up to 3/4 in. or 12 mm, so the bundle is easier to route and connect in the field than cabled bundles.

Choose from light steam-traced, heavy steam-traced, and electric-traced bundles for freeze protection, viscosity control, and process temperature maintenance.

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