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  • K Series - Pressure-reducing models; Back-pressure models; Gas cylinder changeover model; Vaporizing models.
  • RHPS SERIES - Pressure-reducing models; Back-pressure models; Spring-, dome-, and air-loaded; Working pressures up to 10 150 psig.
  • KCA Series, Continuous Gas Delivery System - automatically switches between sources to extend gas supply.
  • High-flow, Manual Gas Regulators, HF Series - Ultrahigh purity applications, 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel body, compact size with flow rates up to 200 std L/min/
  • Compact, High-flow Gas Regulators, HF Series - High purity, tamper free design, precise pressure control, preset and adjustable dome loaded models.
  • Sanitary, RHPS Series - Pressure-reducing regulators and tank blanketing regulators; 316L stainless steel construction.
  • Tank Blanketing, RHPS Series - Types: pressure reducing and vapor recovery; 316L stainless steel construction.

Flow Curves Technical Bulletin

Selecting a regulator requires review of performance capabilities relative to requirements. The best starting point is the regulator’s flow curve provided by the manufacturer, because it illustrates the regulator’s range of capabilities at one glance.

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