RoboCrib™ is a high-tech vending machine that swiftly dispenses a wide range of components used in plants and facilities that process liquids or gases. The configurable machines come in several different sizes so facilities can store 500, 1000, or 2000 parts. The largest of the three dispensers has a footprint of slightly more than five feet by five feet.

Cost savings

RoboCrib™ enables managers to repurpose personnel who usually spend their time handing out fluid system parts and keeping track of inventory. It also reduces wasted inventory; and keeps a higher volume of parts on hand.

RoboCrib™ keeps track of who is taking parts and what job the parts are for. It even prepares inventory reports for management.

Here's how it works:

  1. Log in with a user name and password, using RoboCrib's touch-screen keyboard.
  2. View the functions you are authorized to perform, and see the facility's inventory.
  3. Type in the part you are looking for and the job number or purchase order. RoboCrib™ brings the right part to the front and automatically opens the door. 

The entire process takes about 10 seconds.

Access controls

RoboCrib's software application manages all inventory transactions and supports multiple levels of control and security. With the secure access control, facility managers can limit the use of any inventory item to a specific quantity per day, week or month. RoboCrib™, which is a product of AutoCrib™, can send instant alerts to management when a job is using an abnormal number of components. Managers can limit access by dollar amount, departmental budget, or time restrictions by shift.

Pre-configured reports

Over 150 different reports are pre-designed and built into the system and the system interfaces with Swagelok’s business system software.

Customizable bins

The bins also are easy to reconfigure, so one machine can dispense parts as small as a single tube fitting and as large as a sample cylinder. The time between refills varies with the customer, of course. Some may need to restock once a week, others can go several weeks. It's especially useful in remote locations.