Maximize efficiency and see your savings itemized

Edmonton Valve customers see their savings in an annual VIP Report quantifying specific savings in several categories. Added up, our customers have saved over $10M since 2000.

Custom Solutions. If you are spending a lot of time and money assembling Swagelok parts, think about saving time and money by using our Custom Solutions Department. We have trained and certified personnel who can create assemblies specifically for your unique requirements.

Training and Education. Swagelok experts are glad to show you and your staff the latest developments in fluid system technologies, on site or online. Your people will work smarter and safer, and your company will profit. We typically hold at least two training sessions a month.

Equipment Rentals. There's no substitute for having the right tools, but some of those tools can be expensive if you need them only occasionally. No problem. Edmonton Valve & Fitting can rent you tube benders, orbital welders, hydraulic swaging units and more.

Consignment Inventory. Inventory can cost 15 percent to 35 percent of the average annual value of items in stock. That's a lot to pay up front. These costs include shrinkage, obsolescence, storage and the cost of money. Though consignment inventory, you pay as you go.

eBusiness Solutions. We offer easy-to-use tools for fast online information and procurement.

Delivery Solutions. The best parts are only the best parts if you have them when you need them. Edmonton Valve & Fitting makes sure you get them on time with our mobile inventory truck.

Energy Management. Leaks cost money. Our partners at Swagelok Energy Advisors are experts in the configuration and operations of steam systems.

Fitting Reclamation Program. One of the advantages of Swagelok's two-ferrule fitting design is the ability to re-use the body without leaks. Most of the cost of replacement is in the fitting, not the ferrule. We'll show you where it makes sense in your system to re-use and refurbish.

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