VCR Fittings & VCO Fittings

Get the VCR & VCO Face Seal Fittings catalogues

VCR_CatalogueThe VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings Catalogue covers:

  • Typical VCR assemblies
  • Materials
  • Pressure and temperature ratings
  • Testing and cleaning information
  • Ordering information for glands, bodies, assemblies, nuts, gaskets, and accessories

The VCO O-Ring Face Seal Fittings catalogue covers: 

  • VCO_catalogueTechnical data
  • Testing information
  • Ordering information for nuts, glands, bodies, and accessories

Each catalogue offers step-by-step installation instructions for both series of face seal fittings—including the correct number of turns. Fill the form to receive both catalogues.

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