Swagelok Safety, Installation, Bending Virtual Seminar (2 hours)

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Many technicians handle routine tasks like assembling fittings by feel. Tens of thousands of data points show that connections done that way usually aren't quite right. So they leak—impacting safety, quality, emissions, and costs.

Topics we cover

Tube fitting installation. Use of an inspection gauge. Retightening. Intermixing materials and parts. Assembly of a burst sample using the learned skills. Tube bender set-up. Making basic bends. Bending offsets. This two-hour seminar builds knowledge and skills needed to minimize leaks.

Who can benefit

Those who procure, design, install, inspect, or maintain tubing systems can benefit. Fabricators, contractors, technicians, engineers, draftsmen, quality control experts, safety engineers, and those in procurement have found it useful. (Please note that this course does NOT replace the full-day certification "Swagelok Essentials Course.")

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What is included

Every course attendee receives instruction from one or more Swagelok-Certified Trainers, all course materials, and a Swagelok Certificate of Completion. Maximum of six attendees per seminar helps ensure high quality.

Class location

  • Online, using the Google Meet or Microsoft Teams platform
  • Equipment, tools, and supplies are shipped to you beforehand
  • Burst samples and loaner tools/equipment are shipped back afterward

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