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1 hour Winterization Webinar will cover:

  • Check list of system components to prepare
  • Different types of steam traps
  • Q&A session

It's Time to Winterize

If you are thinking about winter tires, then it's also time to be proactive with your facility and think about winterization. 

Join Edmonton Valve & Fitting's account manager and Energy Service Advisor Tristian McCallion on Wednesday, October 19th at 12PM MDT for a special 1 hour Winterization Webinar. This FREE event will cover a variety of topics that will help set you and your organziation up for success when it comes to winterizing your facility. 

Winterization helps reduce:

  • Costs related to repairs to damaged property
  • Loss of production due to plant down-time
  • Unnessessary safety implications

It's not too late to winterize but the time is now so let us help you get a head start in the right direction. Sign up today and get your spot, just fill out the form below to receive the webinar information. 


Winterization Webinar Registration Form