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Onsite Services

Our field engineers visit your facility, evaluate your fluid or sampling systems, advise on installation practices, and recommend system enhancements. All our findings are delivered in a detailed report, usually with photos, cost/savings calculations, suggested top priority action items, and best practices guidance.

Fluid system evaluation

Fluid System Evaluation

Bring the technical expertise, application experience, and industry knowledge of Swagelok field engineers to your facilities.

Hose management

Hose Management

Our certified engineers conduct onsite inspection and advise on how to extend hose life and reduce maintenance.

Leak detection

Leak Detection

Our certified engineers identify leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address.

Mechanical seal support

Mechanical Seal Support

Have a pump, mixer, or other rotating equipment that keeps acting up? We can help you track down and fix root causes.

Sample system audit

Sample System Audit

Our certified engineers examine your systems and identify steps to boost consistency, reliability, and efficiency.

Steam system audit

Steam System Audit

We can pinpoint energy losses, document areas needing attention, and provide a detailed report on where to focus.

Fabrication and Assembly Services

Use our team for tube bending and hose/end connection assembly. Select from pre-built standard and configurable assemblies. Or have us make a completely custom assembly. Whichever you choose, you get fast, precise results. Testing, inspection, and packaging are included. All covered by Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Analytical subsystems

Analytical Subsystems

Our pre-engineered subsystems minimize footprint, simplify design, and promote accurate analytical results.

Custom solutions

Custom Solutions

If you can think it, we can build it. We can follow your existing design, or you can work with our tech center to develop one.

Grab sample panels

Grab Sample Panels

Swagelok grab sampling systems satisfy gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in a consistent, reliable package. 

Hose assembly with end connections

Hose Assembly

We offer local assembly of Swagelok hose with any of dozens of end connections. Our work is precise and warrantied.

Seal plan kits

Seal Plan Kits

Have a pump or mixer that keeps acting up? We can help you address root causes with API 682-guided kits and components.

Tube bending services

Tube Bending

Our CNC bender can bend stainless steel tubing of 1/4" to 1", with any wall thickness, to any angle, up to 42" radius.

Swagelok Training Seminars

Parts perform best when they are properly selected, installed and maintained. Work smarter and safer with our comprehensive training program. Each training session is led by experienced Swagelok-Certified Trainers here in Edmonton—or at your facility. A Swagelok Certificate of Completion is awarded to successful attendees of each course.

Total support training

Total Support Training

Get complete training in selecting, handling, and installing tube fittings. Classes held monthly.

Fitting installation essentials training

Fitting Installation Essentials

Learn to cut and deburr tubing, assemble a Swagelok tube fitting, identify thread types, and more.

Tube fitting inspection training

Tube Fitting Inspection

Learn to identify correct installations and recognize potential safety hazards. 

Tube bending essentials training

Tube Bending Essentials

Learn precise bending methodology to reduce scrap and eliminate rework in the field.

Hose essentials training

Hose Essentials

Learn to choose material & size based on pressure, media, etc and to calculate length, routing.

Valve essentials training

Valve Essentials

Learn safe selection, installation, and maintenance of valves to eliminate leaks.

Medium and high pressure cone and thread training

MHP Cone & Thread

Practice correct cone and thread prep and installation, and tube selection and handling practices.

Ten Action Points for Your Steam System training

Ten Action Points for Steam

Learn cost calculations, flash steam recovery, steam traps, waterhammer, and more.

Orbital weld training

Orbital Welding

Develop skills with & take exams from Swagelok, then complete ASME Section IX testing.

Sampling system maintenance training

Sampling Systems Maintenance

Gain analytical instrumentation skills needed to maintain your system with minimal errors. 

Process analyzer sampling system training

Process Analyzer Sampling Systems (PASS Class)

Spot common design flaws. Learn calculations & engineering principles. Build your own system.

Customized Swagelok training programs

Customized Team Training Programs

Every individual and operation can improve, and the right training can quickly pay for itself.

Business Support

There are more ways we can save you time and money. (We'll even help you calculate how much you can benefit!) Please click below and fill the form so we can help you.

Swagleok emergency services

Emergency Services

Our team is on call, ready to help you safely address fluid system issues. Please call 780.437.0640 and follow prompts.

Swagelok fitting reclamation program

Fitting Reclamation

Don't throw out those Swagelok fittings upon disassembly. Our Fitting Reclamation Program keeps parts in service longer.

Inventory management support

Inventory Management

We offer mobile inventory (truck packed with popular items), kitting, automatic inventory replenishment, and much more.

Product selection consulting

Product Consulting

Use us to quickly find the right fit for your needs based on pressure, temperature, CV, material compatibility, and more.

Purchasing support

Purchasing Support

We make it simple and cost-effective to conduct transactions in a manner that suits your procurement processes.

Tool rentals

Tool Rental

Rent tools you need for the job, ranging from tube benders and swaging units to straighteners and cone & thread tools.

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