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Swagelok's Rebuilding Kits Help You Adjust or Replace Valve Packing (PDF Instructions, Video)

Download detailed instructions and view a how-to video

Learn how to use Swagelok’s rebuilding kits for manually actuated and remotely actuated valves. Each kit contains detailed instructions on how to adjust or replace the packing or rebuild the valve if …

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Replacing Industrial Valves? Use This 7-Step Method to Verify Selection

If your system isn't performing perfectly, it's worthwhile looking at valve selection

The average Alberta industrial facility has, on average, 7,400 valves installed. And when a valve wears out, it's typically replaced one for one. But if your system isn't performing perfectly, it's wo …

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30 Years Strong: ISA Edmonton & Swagelok Edmonton

Swagelok Edmonton has been involved with ISA Edmonton since its inception.

ISA Edmonton, a local chapter of the International Society of Automation (ISA), has been a fixture in the Edmonton industrial community for 30 years. The organization's primary mission has been to pro …

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Beyond Tube vs Pipe: Prefabricated Assemblies with Bent Tubing Offer a Range of Benefits

Is Piping or Tubing Right for You?

You know that using bent tubing instead of traditional piping in some common applications can slash potential leak points and save time during installation. Now save even more with fully built, leak-t …

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New Hub Shows 4 Ways Swagelok Edmonton Supports Alberta Hydrogen Companies

A new information hub summarizes what we offer Alberta's hydrogen sector.

Swagelok Edmonton has a Clean Energy Team that serves the Alberta hydrogen industry. A new information hub summarizes what we offer this thriving sector — from custom fluid system assemblies and exper …

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Navigating Hose Permeation: 5 Factors & Prevention Tips

Guarding against hose permeation is critical. Here are 5 factors to consider.

In some situations, hose is much better than rigid tubing or piping. Generally with hose you'll have fewer connections, aren't limited to straight lines/angles, and don't have to worry about exact len …

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