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Get Swagelok Advice on Your Fluid Systems

Swagelok Edmonton offers experts trained to help customers take action on fluid system challenges. Talk with our Field Advisory team about analytical instrumentation, compressed gas leaks, seal flush systems, applications support, and more. 

Capabilities (partial list):

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Featured Programs

Fluid System Evaluation (3)
Fluid System Evaluation
Get an overall Swagelok evaluation of existing systems and processes with detailed advice on improving.
Gas Distribution Program
Get detailed Swagelok analysis of existing systems' efficiency. See how to lower energy costs and improve reliability.
Sampling System Evaluation
Grab Sampling Audit
Get detailed advice from Swagelok on how to cost-effectively improve grab sampling consistency and reliability.
Hose Advisory
Extend hose life and reduce repairs. Get Swagelok's detailed advice on how to get the best results at lowest cost.
Fluid System Evaluation
Sampling System Audit
Receive Swagelok's detailed evaluation of existing systems from process tap to analyzer, and see how to improve results.
Fluid System Evaluation (4)
Mechanical Seal Evaluation
Swagelok can help you choose cost-effective solutions to protect the seals in pumps, mixers, and other equipment.
Steam Audit
Pinpoint energy losses, document areas needing attention, and get a detailed Swagelok report on where to focus.
Custom Advisory Services
Combine, adapt, and/or tailor our Field Advisory Services so you get the advice you need. Onsite, virtual, or hybrid.

Swagelok Edmonton Field Advisory Services Team

Tom Webster - Field Advisor - Grab Sampling

Tom Webster, C.E.T.

Field Advisor, Swagelok Edmonton

Tom has close to a decade of experience with industrial fluid systems, including time serving as an operator at a natural gas liquids plant. He has deep expertise in analytical instrumentation systems and assemblies, process instrumentation, piping products, and regulators. Tom is our lead on analytical instrumentation assessment and advice, and often collaborates with analytical instrumentation specialist Don Yahn (below).

James Dickey - Field Advisor - Leak Detection

James Dickie

Field Advisory Training and Services Manager

James Dickie has 20+ years' experience helping fluid system engineers, installers, technicians, operators and buyers run safe, efficient operations. Today he manages our Field Advisory Services practice and Training Services. You might find him onsite with a customer, conducting a compressed gas leak detection inspection; traveling to educate Swagelok trainers within our global training program; in a classroom leading a hands-on Swagelok seminar; or in the office coordinating with our experts to help ensure outstanding service.

Don Yahn - Field Advisor - Analytical Instrumentation

Don Yahn, P.L.Eng.

Analytical Instrumentation Specialist

With Edmonton Valve since 2018, Don has been key to numerous custom solutions and field advising projects. He retired from Shell after 34 years in an instrument engineering role. There he led several major projects and was responsible for process instrumentation and analyzers for much of his career. Today he is a senior resource to our Field Advisory Team, providing valuable insight during assessments and peer review of reports and recommendations before they reach customers.

Peer Review Guarantees Top Value

When you receive guidance through our Field Advisory Services, you receive more than advice from one or two certified fluid systems experts. Members of our Field Advisory Services team draw on each other's expertise to thoroughly investigate problems, discuss mitigation options, and identify the best-value solution based on your priorities.

That approach ensures you consistently get the highest quality advice. Yet we go further.

Our Field Advisory Team is part of a close-knit network of 80+ other Swagelok Field Engineers around the world. While all Swagelok Field Engineers must complete the industry's toughest training regime to achieve Field Engineer certification, no two Field Engineers have exactly the same strengths and application experiences.

Swagelok engineers request peer review of their process and conclusions before finalizing recommendations. That way you get the best possible value from our brand, every time.

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FAS cover 2023

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"Swagelok is basically an industry standard. It's rated by our customers as the best solution that we can provide."
Marcos Porto, Specialty Gases Manager
“We trust Swagelok because of the experience we’ve had using them.”
William E. “Liam” Keiser, PhD, Director
A. E. Lalonde Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Top notch service here. Tammy and the staff there always come through for us in a timely manner on short notice. Can't say enough about the customer service at this branch.
Larry Klem
Google review
Awesome selection, friendly staff, good quality. Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Michael Reid
Google review
Great customer service, very accommodating.
Adam D
Google review
Great service, friendly accommodating staff, super knowledgeable and always ready with custom solutions.
Google review
Great company and friendly staff.
Anees Apsara
Google review
[Five star] instrumentation shop.
Jon&Sue Cool
Google review
“In less than two weeks they came up with a whole solution. And in the last five years I have had no more leaks in the system. That's the sort of capability and specialty that Swagelok provides, and no one else can."
Tan Ha, Master Technologist
HP Labs

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