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A Seal of Quality: Take Care of Them to Save Money

by Alecia Robinson, on Thu, Jul 27, 2017 @ 08:07 AM

Our API compliant seal support systems help you get smoother operation for longer periods

Seal Support Systems-2.jpg

The Swagelok Seal Pot Fill Tube (pictured above far left and middle) and bucket pumps (right image) are just some of the solutions available to ensure proper functionality of the mechanical seal. For more information download Edmonton Valve's Seal Support Brochures.

The biggest single cause of pump failure is the mechanical seal, responsible for 39 percent of all failures. To keep pumps humming along, those seals need to be properly supported with the appropriate mechanical seal support system. Mechanical seal support systems keep seals clean and cool by flushing contaminants away. Plants and people are also kept safe by these systems preventing leakage to atmosphere through the delivery of barrier and buffer fluids.

What happens if equipment fails? What are the consequences of a leak or spill? What are the likely methods of failure? Keeping everything running smoothly is a hard job, involving in-the-field engineering. We want to help make it easier to keep seal systems running efficiently. Edmonton Valve and Fitting's seal support systems are fully assembled locally to meet the needs of our customers. These systems offer a reliable and high performance solution for your mechanical seals.

Fill tubes and bucket pumps

The traditional way of refilling seal pots has been to shut down the pump and wait for the equipment to cool. Once cool, personnel would use a ladder to climb and manually fill the seal pot from the top. This process, in addition to be being inefficient and time consuming, could expose workers to hot or hazardous vapors.

Consider instead a Swagelok Seal Pot Fill Tube. It's ideal for refilling seal pots for pumps with dual seals. Each seal pot has a fill tube that allows for a quick and safe refill. A simple ball and check valve assembly provides online refill, reducing costs and eliminating downtime. The operator can work from ground level and doesn't have to worry about exposure to vapors.

Another useful tool is a Bucket Pump assembly typically used by instrumentation technicians. This complete solution allows the technician to blow out plugged lines and components with water, glycerin, glycol, naphtha and other fluids.

We use a standard design with standard components but have the flexibility to customize your design right here in Edmonton.  


When you let Edmonton Valve & Filling help, you can devote fewer resources to maintenance and concentrate on other priorities. Ready to get started? Contact us through our website or by calling 780-437-0640.

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