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A Swagelok Snapshot: Big, Innovative, and Committed to a Better World

by Katie Reid, on Wed, Mar 27, 2019 @ 12:03 PM

Behind Edmonton Valve & Fitting stands a global network of excellence


Did you know that Swagelok is globally available through more than 200 sales and service centres in 70 countries (highlighted in blue). Want to learn more about how 'One Swagelok' is serving the world, message us here.

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You know Swagelok for the quality of its fittings, valves and other fluid system parts and services. Today let's take a look at the quality of the company behind the components.

Swagelok is a leading developer and provider of fluid system products, assemblies, and services for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, semiconductor, transportation, and power industries. With millions of our products in use around the world and a growing offering of services, Swagelok has long been synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability.

It's a big operation. Swagelok has 20 manufacturing facilities in 70 countries, generating approximately $2 billion in annual revenue.

The company has more than 5,500 global corporate associates, including more than 300 engineers and scientists. In the past few years Swagelok doubled its field engineering team, and plans to expand it further.

In addition, Swagelok has more than 3,900 sales and service centre associates in more than 200 sales and service centres, such as Edmonton Valve & Fitting, Drayton Valve, and Fort McMurray Valve (just to name a few of the local ones).

When people join the Swagelok team, they tend to stick around. Swagelok boasts a nearly 90 percent annual retention rate. One reason is that they have a chance to learn and grow professionally, completing about 60,000 training courses annually. Swagelok is committed to fostering a culture that promotes core values of innovation, continuous improvement, respect, quality, customer focus, and integrity.

Responsible neighbour

Swagelok works hard to minimize its impact on the environment, always looking for ways to reduce energy usage and waste. Although Swagelok’s manufacturing output has increased significantly since 2010, the company's level of energy usage has remained virtually the same. Each year Swagelok diverts more than 50 percent of its general waste from landfills (paper, cardboard, wood, foam cups, bottles, cans, etc.), and recycles more than 15 million pounds of alloys.

Our efforts range from working with other companies that can take our hazardous byproducts and further refine them for reuse or resale to other manufacturers, to planting gardens of wildflowers and native prairie grass at our facilities to reduce fertilizer use and emissions from mowers.

Perhaps just as importantly, Swagelok's products and services enable customers to reach their own sustainability goals by becoming more energy efficient and reducing fugitive emissions.

Constant innovation

Swagelok made its name with its revolutionary tube fitting more than 70 years ago. The company's engineering teams continue to develop high-quality products, processes, and services as the needs of our customers evolve. Today Swagelok still has more than 225 active patents.

The company has an Analytical Instrumentation Customer Advisory Board for gathering regular customer feedback. Swagelok also has expanded its innovation and technology team. For example, associates across Swagelok participate in challenges and workshops that champion new ideas and emphasize problem solving. Multiple Swagelok teams work in parallel to design, test, and manufacture a prototype product in two to four weeks instead of the traditional eight to 10 weeks.

Swagelok's grab sampling solution is a direct result of insight gained from working with customers to solve their most pressing needs. This innovative solution allows chemical plants and refineries to confidently configure and order local assemblies that address these pressing needs.

Now more than ever, customers rely on Swagelok's technical expertise, application experience, and industry knowledge in services and solutions. That’s why Swagelok is committed to “Zero Customer Disappointments.”

So when you call Edmonton Valve & Fitting for help with your fluid system, you are tapping into a global network of fluid system experts. It's easy to do, too. Just call us at 780-437-0640 or message us below.

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