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Why Fugitive Emission Leak Detection is Critical for SAGD Operations

Meet and Exceed Fugitive Emissions Standards for Valves in Alberta Refineries

Choosing Grab Sampling Systems for Sampling of Water in SAGD Operations

Why Mechanical Seal Support Material Matters for Northern Alberta Oil and Gas Operations

Why Reducing Fugitive Emissions in Alberta Oil and Gas Operations Is Critical

How Reducing Fugitive Emissions with Valves Can Minimize Costs for Alberta Oil and Gas Operations

Top 4 Causes of a Seal Support System Leak —And What Northern Alberta Operations Should Do

Mechanical Seal Support Failure Analysis: A Guide for SAGD Operations

Mechanical Seal Support Failure: Pictures and Common Root Causes in Northern Alberta

Wondering Which Seal Support Systems to Use? Options for Northern Alberta Refineries

How Newer Industrial Fluid Systems Can Improve SAGD Operations

Why Your SAGD Grab Sampling Measurement May Not be Representative

Top Flow Assurance Challenges for SAGD Operations—And How to Prevent Them

Choosing Among Mechanical Seal Support Flush Plans for Optimal SAGD Processes

Critical Industrial Fluid Management Guidelines for SAGD Operations to Keep in Mind

API Plan 32 Troubleshooting in the Field Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

The Benefits of API Plan 32 Design/Build for SAGD Facilities or Upgraders

Considerations for Seal Flush Systems for an Industrial Fluid Oil Buffer

Why Plan 52 Failure Happens and How to Address it in Alberta Refineries

Solving Seal Flush Plan 11 Challenges More Easily for SAGD Operations

Understanding How the API Plan 52 Seal System Works For Canadian Operations

Mechanical Seal Heat Checking Solutions for SAGD Operations

Why Flow Assurance Fluid Characterization Matters for Aging SAGD Wells

Your Mechanical Seal Leak Troubleshooting Guide for SAGD Operations

Why Mechanical Seal Support Damage Occurs in Winter: Understanding the Problem and Your Potential Solutions

Ensuring Efficiency for SAGD Projects in Alberta Starts Here

Why an Industrial Fluid System’s Routing Matters More in Alberta, Canada

How SAGD Challenges Can Be Met With Improved Communications

Managing an Industrial Fluid System’s Flow Efficiency in Colder Weather

How Reliability for SAGD in Alberta Can Be Improved—And Lessons for Other Remote Operations

Why a Seal Support System Water Flush Plan Matters

When Your Fast Loop Sampling System Is Not Working: A Guide to Root Cause Analysis

How to Ensure SAGD Water Treatment Efficacy to Improve Plant Efficiency

Why Your Seal Support System’s Quality Matters—Especially in Critical Applications

Compare Our Tube-in-Tube Coils to Pre-Packaged Sample Coolers

Elevate Your Grab Sampling System with Field Advisor Tom Webster

New Technical Briefing: Materials for Oxygen Service (with Ignition Example Photos)

How Edmonton Valve Leverages the Global Field Engineering Expertise of Swagelok

New Technical Briefing: Gas Distribution Systems with Swagelok's Karim Mahraz

How Edmonton Valve Has Brought Value and Savings to Customers Since 2000

New Technical Briefing: Grab Sampling Best Practices with Mike Strobel

The Power of One Swagelok: Smaller Onsite Footprint, Bigger Customer Value [new video]

Cost Saving Opportunities with Industrial Gas Delivery Systems

How a Chemical Firm Improved Safety While Cutting Gas Panel Maintenance Time by 75%

2020's Top Fluid System Resources & Blog Posts

New Technical Briefing: Tube Fitting Inspection Best Practices

3 Common Mistakes with Bench Top Tube Benders (with Demo Video & PDFs)

10 Tips on Steam Heat Exchanger and Tracing System Design

New Technical Briefing: Industrial Valves Guru Shares 7-Step Method for Selecting a Valve

FAQ: How Do I Adjust Valve Stem Packing? What About a Rebuild?

New Technical Briefing: 2 Ways to Improve Refinery Pump Performance (+ 6 Free Resources)

NEW: Monthly Swagelok Training You Can Join from Your Computer

FAQ: What if we need Swagelok parts or expertise at 2:00am?

New Technical Briefing: Mechanical Seal Support System Best Practices

New Full-Bore Ball Valve Handles 6000 psig + Available for Sour Gas

New Technical Briefing: Industrial Steam Sampling Best Practices

With Augmented Reality Headsets, Swagelok Field Service Technicians Assist from Miles Away

New Technical Briefing: Hose Selection & Troubleshooting

New! Edmonton Valve’s Tubing MTR Self-Serve Portal

Beyond the Basics: Swagelok Ball Valve Actuation Options

When the Pressure's on, Swagelok Has the Parts to Handle It

Swagelok Seal Flush Plan Components Simplify Maintenance

Are Your Grab Samples Always Representative, Timely, and Compatible?

Our New Quicklook Line Card Offers Handy Links to Product and Service Info

Our Hose Advisory Service Can Reduce Grief and Increase Productivity

Rely on Swagelok Seal Support Systems to Reduce Pump Failures

Our Electronic Desktop Technical Reference Software is Now Available for Download!

Take the Pressure off with Swagelok Valves, Gauges and Manifolds

Here's a Video View of Your Needle Valve Options

Take Some Tips from Swagelok about Dealing with a Pandemic

Order Online Using Swagelok's eBusiness Solutions

We're On Call To Help You With Virtual Field Advisory Solutions

Our Edmonton, Drayton, and Fort McMurray Valve & Fitting Offices Remain Open

How to Lock Out or Tag Out Swagelok Manually Operated Valves

Tube Fitter's Toolbox Keeps Your Tools Organized and Protected

Vaporizing Regulators Help Maximize Analyzer Uptime

Our Steam Lance Gets Rid of Ice Quickly and Safely

Stream Selection Valves Simplify Process Analyzer Sampling Systems

Goodbye 2019, and Thanks for All The Great Blog Topics

The Final Results Are In: Top Downloads from 2019

We're Here When You Need Us, Even after Business Hours

We've Upgraded Our Technology for Spotting 'Invisible' Gas Leaks

Follow Edmonton Valve & Fitting on LinkedIn for Community Updates

Flow Capacity: What Happens Inside a Hose or Tube

Get Ready for Winter with Pre-insulated Traced Tubing Bundles

Yes, There's a Fitting for That

Use Snoop, Goop and SWAK to Keep Fluid Systems in Shape

Worried about Accidentally Intermixing Lines with Quick Connects?

Use Ferrules and Fittings That Match the Material of the Tubing

Here's the Right Way to Use Swagelok's Tube Cutter and Deburring Tool

Caps and Plugs: When to Use Which One?

Follow These Four Steps to Choose the Right Hose for Your Job

We're Picky about Our People, and It Pays Off

Which Kind of Tubing is Right for Your Application?

Don't Let Compressed Air Leaks Steal Your Money

Installing A Tube Fitting Is so Simple, it Takes Less than 90 Seconds to Learn How

Elastomers 101

With Swagelok Tube Fittings, Proper Installation Is Easy

Field Advisory Services - What Our Customers Can Expect

Get Ready for the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary (June 11-13)

Has Your Documentation Kept Pace with Changes to Your Analytical Systems?

Which Spring Is Right for Your Check Valve? Our Video Explains It

Edmonton Valve’s Inspection Services Tablet Allows for Quick Reporting of Onsite Surveys

Vendor Managed Inventory Frees up Time and Money

A Swagelok Snapshot: Big, Innovative, and Committed to a Better World

Swagelok’s FX Series Metal Hose Can Take the Pressure, and the Heat

Use Our Mechanical Efficiency Program to Keep Your Plant in Top Shape

How to Fix More Leaks Without Adding a Lot of Extra Work

Swagelok’s RHPS Series Regulators Just Got Better with a New Low-Temperature Option

Small Bore Tubing: Streamline Power Plant Maintenance & Enhance Performance

Have 2018's Top 5 Downloads?

One Last Look at Edmonton Valve’s 2018 Blog Posts: Parts, Services, People, and More

Calculate How Much a Fluid Leak Impacts Your Bottom Line

Meet Don Yahn: Custom Solutions Field Advisory Services Support

Be Flexible: Hose Is The Best Choice For Many Power Applications

Protect Your Operations and Team with Swagelok Essential Training

Start 2019 off Right with Swagelok’s Sample System Maintenance Course

Whacky Alberta Weather Calls for Wise Winterizing

Swagelok Company Launches Their New Blog Hub - "Swagelok Reference Point"

Industry Veterans Name the Most Common Challenges with Process Analyzer Sampling Systems

Video: Animation Shows How to Use Swagelok's Standard Gas Panel

Inboard, Outboard, Internal Leaks... and Tips on How to Stop Them

Swagelok: Helping Provide That Extra Source of Brainpower

Video: How Swagelok's Grab Sampling Systems Compare

Q&A: Swagelok Tube Fitting Pressure Ratings

Edmonton Valve's Travelling Grab Sample System Demo Panel

Breaking Down the Facts on Why You Should Never Interchange Swagelok Components

High-Pressure Corrosive Environment? High-Temperature Vacuum Environment? Meet Our FX Series Metal Hose (Video, Cutaway)

How the Right Tool Rentals from Edmonton Valve Can save You Money

Stay Organized with Edmonton Valve's Instrumentation Tool Kit

Edmonton Valve’s Inspection Service Can Extend the Life of Cylinders

For Consistency and Quality, Swagelok Orbital Welding Wins

Swagelok at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary (June 12th-14th)

Gain Efficiency with Edmonton Valve's Inventory Management System

Custom Jobs Are the Norm at Edmonton Valve's Hose Department

Heading to the 2018 ISA Automation Expo? Edmonton Valve Is Too

Which Swagelok Parts Went to Which Job? RoboCrib™ Keeps Track

We Have The Tools You Need For Cone & Thread Fittings

Our Swagelok  Pocket Guide Takes the Mystery Out of Hose

Our CNC Tube Bender Delivers Speed & Accuracy

We'll Put It Together: Electropneumatic Custom Valves

Sample Cylinder Assemblies Offer Flexibility

To Slay Ice, A Steam Lance Is The Weapon Of Choice

Our VIP Program Quantifies Our Extra Services

Some Hits You May Have Missed In The Past Year

These Free PDFs Proved Especially Popular This Year

We're Back!

Meet Alecia Robinson

Emerging Associates Stretch Beyond The Basic Job

Small Bore Tubing Has Big Advantages Over Piping

Calipers, Combs, And Guides Help Make Sense of Threads

Small Hole Creates A Big Advantage For Flush Systems

What Are Swagelok's PFA Fittings All About?

How Swagelok Is Helping Advances In High-Speed Rail

Forget Trial And Error; Take Our Tube Bending Course

Meet Mike Taylor

STEM Learning Gets Supersonic Boost From Swagelok

A Look At Swagelok's Medium Pressure Valves

ABSA and MTRs: We Have Your Parts Covered Part 2

Visit Our Booth at the Oil Sands Trade Show

New Training Centre Has Plenty Of Room For Learning

Seal Support Simplified: Call Edmonton Valve & Fitting

Strength and Simplicity: Medium Pressure Fittings

ABSA and CRNs: We Have Your Parts Covered

The Advantages of Swagelok VCR and VCO Fittings

A Seal of Quality: Take Care of Them to Save Money

Tagging Hoses at Edmonton Valve & Fitting

Swagelok Parts Help Keep Eco Car Competitive

Meet Derek Green

Swagelok Services Relieve the Other Kind of Pressure

Keep Your Sampling Systems At Peak Performance

Compact and Able to Handle Heat: The VB0451 Valve

Stop by Our Booth at the Global Petroleum Show

Dielectric Fittings Prevent Shocking Results

Edmonton Valve & Fitting Goes To College

Fluid Distribution Headers Save Space And Time

Freezing Weather's Almost Gone, But It's Not Forgotten

New Classes Offer Hands-On Training For IPT Fittings

We're Trying On Our Chef Hats At Mustard Seed

VN01: A Space-Saving Valve For Severe Service

Grab Sample Liquid Systems Can Lower Your Costs

Sometimes Stainless Isn't Enough

Grab Sample Modules Offer Speed and Flexibility

Losing Steam? Send For Our Swagelok Energy Advisors

Put Your Mind At Ease With Vendor Managed Inventory

Find out How Your Sample System Is Underperforming

Our Hose Advisory Crew Takes the Pressure off You

Edmonton Valve Helps Raise $1.3 Million for Stollery Foundation

Cylinders Are a Must For Grab Sample Systems

Getting the Most from Compressed Air Systems

Grace Under Pressure: Swagelok's IPT Fittings

Don't Have The Right Tools For The Job? Rent Ours

The Importance of Oxygen Safety & Eliminating Potential Ignition Sources

Specifically Made for Alberta's Needs: The ZSML Fitting

Your Checklist for Tubing Quality

Making Edmonton and Edmonton Valve Home

Use a Swagelok Regulator to Speed up Analytical Systems

Need Extra Protection for Hose? We Have You 'Covered'

Insulated Tubing Gives You Temperature Control

Customers Rate Edmonton Valve's Performance

Central & Northern Alberta’s leading fluid handling components supplier.

For 50 years we have provided professional support and an extensive local inventory of Swagelok products. We offer custom solutions, applications support, training, equipment, and tools to help ensure safe and reliable operations.

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