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Alphabet Soup A-E: Shedding Some Light On Swagelok Acronyms

by Katie Dennis, on Wed, Sep 23, 2015 @ 09:09 AM

If you've ever wondered what some of those letter combinations mean, read on


With an abundance of industry acronyms it is easy to get confused. In this four-part series we will define some of our more common acronyms and if you ever need clarification just get in touch and our associates will be happy to help. 

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In every industry, people throw around acronyms. It saves a little time and energy, and it can signify that we all share some common ground. The thing is, there are a few of us who aren't exactly sure what some of those letters stand for. Even if we all know what an NPT thread is, we might not all know what NPT stands for.

Here are some acronyms you may have run into on our site, and what all those letters mean:

ANSI: American National Standards Institute, a nonprofit organization that has been creating "norms" for business since 1918. ANSI flanges are an easy way to transition from a mechanical/piping system to an instrumentation system. The unique Swagelok Flange Adapter comes with either a tube fitting end or a tube adapter end.

ASTM: Even ASTM International has stopped spelling out its full name, which used to be the American Society for Testing and Materials. This is the group that develops testing standards. When you ask for a traceable certificate of compliance, it will include written statements that the product will meet industry standards and Swagelok requirements (such as ASTM A276, or ASTM A479).

CAD: Computer Aided Design replaced pencil and paper as the way an idea gets turned into a set of drawings and specifications. The breakthrough software was AutoCAD, introduced in 1983. Other programs followed, and today's top CAD software can produce 3D drawings.

CMTR:  A Certified Material Test Report is a document saying that all material are in accordance with specified requirements. This can include the results of all chemical analyses in relation to requirements, test examinations produced by original melting, forging or casting mill. This will certify compliance specifications used to produce the material, as well as chemical and mechanical properties for bar stock, extrusions, castings, forge rod, and forgings.

CRN:  A Canadian Registration Number authorizes that a product has been accepted and registered for use in Canada. Swagelok tube fittings, for example, have been issued CRNs in Alberta, stating that the design has been accepted and registered for use. It is nation-wide, except for BC.

CSA: The Canadian Standards Association is yet another group that sets the standards for products. The CSA mark shows that products have been certified by an accredited third party lab and have met applicable standards as required by North American law.

DESO: Swagelok quick-connects with double-end shutoff stems have valves, and shut-off when uncoupled. This is to distinguish them from single-end shutoff stems, which have no valves and remain open when uncoupled.

eDTR: Our Electronic Desktop Technical Reference software makes it easy to browse the Swagelok catalogue without a web connection. It can be searched by keywords, and shows you related components. Best of all, it's free!

Stay tuned for more of our acronym series coming soon, next up: F - N!

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