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Get Up to Speed on Regulators with Swagelok

by Katie Dennis, on Mon, Nov 19, 2012 @ 08:11 AM

Field Engineer Eric Kayla will share his knowledge and take questions Wednesday November 28th at 10am MST

Western Canada's Swagelok sales and service centres are offering a free webinar this month to help you get more familiar with regulators. Via WebEx, Swagelok field engineer Eric Kayla will present the basics on "The Theory and Operation of Pressure Reducing Regulators" and will leave time afterward to take questions from participants.

Kayla has been with Swagelok for 17 years, the first 10 at Swagelok's Ohio headquarters, and the last seven out in the field, dealing directly with customers in the western portions of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

"I've worked with people who have no experience with regulators, and some who have a lot of experience," Kayla says. The November webinar will cover the basics of what a regulator is and how it works. Eventually he hopes to present a series of webinars on regulators to western Canada customers.

"We want this first one to be something that can introduce people to regulators while not making it a sales presentation," he says. Among other things, Kayla will go over common misconceptions, such as the effect of pressure and flow. While a regulator is designed to control pressure, there is still a maximum of flow that can go through it.

"There's a relationship, and I think sometimes there is confusion about what those relationships are," Kayla says.

Expect a presentation of about 40 minutes, with some additional time for questions and answers. As we get closer to the webinar date, we'll post details and email more information to registrants. In the meantime, you can sign up on our web site and have those details emailed to you directly.

While we plan to make a recording of the webinar available afterward, there's a big advantage of participating live. If you have questions or want to follow up on a point that Kayla makes, you'll be able to ask him directly during a question-and-answer session immediately after the presentation.

In a hurry or have a question? Call Edmonton Valve & Fitting at (780) 437-0640, or click here to get your authorized Swagelok sales and service centre’s contact information for details.


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