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The Customer's View: How VIP Services Make Business Better

by Taryn Hardes, on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 15:02 PM

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"The vendor-managed inventory works wonderfully for us," Droesse says. "It saves so much time on our end."

Alberta Newsprint counts on Edmonton Valve & Fitting for training, inventory and energy services

We've been blogging a lot lately about our Value Impact Partnership program, and how it can save both time and money for our customers. Today we thought we'd give a customer perspective. Audrey Droesse is a purchasing agent with Alberta Newsprint Co. in Whitecourt. With more than 200 full-time employees producing 269,000 metric tonnes of premium newsprint each year, there's a big need for Swagelok products. There also have been several opportunities for us to help out through the VIP program.

“It works very well for us to have Swagelok come out every couple of weeks and restock our bins,” Droesse says. 

Prior to using the inventory service, Droesse's office would need to process each order for parts, either by signing off on a form to take the part out of inventory, or handling a purchase requisition. Now one purchase order takes care of everything.

"We have 9,000 items, and we can't always check everything. There was always the chance that we wouldn't have something when we needed it. Then it meant a special order," Droesse says.  "Their emergency would become ours. Now that doesn't happen. We have consistent inventory."

Edmonton Valve and Fitting even straightens out the bins when workers grab a part, change their minds and put it back in the wrong place.

Alberta Newsprint also has taken advantage of Swagelok Energy Advisors. Field service technicians have come to the plant to do energy audits and help out with preventing air leaks.

When a millwright or other employee on the floor sees the need for additional skills, they can turn to Edmonton Valve and Fitting for training.

"In the past there has been talk: 'Why don't we go with cheaper parts?' There are always parts out there where you can probably save a few dollars," Droesse says, but the employees are adamant about maintaining quality.  "Swagelok is our standard for these kinds of fittings. That, I don't think, will change. You care about getting the value."

Year-end reporting

She especially likes the year-end VIP report itemizing the services and savings that Edmonton Valve and Fitting has provided to Alberta Newsprint.

"It's nice to have the folder with all the numbers that we can take around and show everybody," she says.

To see how such a VIP report might look for your business, download a free sample report from our website. 

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