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Swagelok Product When You Need It, No Matter the Time or Day

by Taryn Hardes, on Thu, May 08, 2014 @ 16:05 PM

Our On Call service is there 24/7 to handle emergencies and after-hours questions

  Swagelok Edmonton's Adam Telenko

Account Manager Adam Telenko sees the value in Customer Focus. Need more information on our services? Ask us.

The world doesn't stop when we lock the front door of Edmonton Valve and Fitting at 5 p.m. That's why we have an On Call service available around the clock. All customers have to do is call our regular number, 780-437-0640, and follow the prompts to be forwarded.

Our customer service representatives and account managers set aside time so that someone will be available to help customers in the evenings and on weekends. The calls to our main line are forwarded to their cell phones.

Sometimes our customers just need information, sometimes they need to place an order, and sometimes they need a product right away.

Out in Drayton Valley, the oil and gas industry is always up and running, notes account manager David Flett.

"After drilling a well, oil companies want to start producing ASAP so they can generate income," he says. "On many occasions we have been called out on weekends or after hours to provide materials for new oil and gas well hookups.  Additionally, they don't know all of the types of controls, pressures or equipment they will need until they are in the last phase of starting a producing well."

No matter what they need, we can help. Our on-call staff carries a lot of information in their heads, and can check inventory remotely to let the customer know if we have what they need. A member of our On Call team then can go into the office to pick, pack, and ship the part if necessary. Often the call comes when the customer's operations are shut down, which means they want the parts quickly to get back up and running.

"A typical after hours call requires a ‘hot-shot’ delivery," says Adam Telenko, an account manager in Edmonton. "Cost is almost never a factor."

If the customer is not in a hurry, we ship it first thing Monday morning, which typically saves the customer a little bit of money. 

Hunting and Dancing

Sometimes the calls catch our staff at odd moments. Telenko recalls one time when he was out goose hunting and his cell phone rang.

"The purchaser laughed when I told her how the ring scared away our birds. We resolved the purchaser’s question regarding a previous order, and went back to our un-successful hunt," he says.

Taryn Hardes, of our marketing department, got a phone call while she was midway through an aerobics class with Richard Simmons at the "Bust A Move" fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

"I ran into the hallway to answer it — trying to avoid the booming music — and spoke to a great customer in Hinton. She needed some product for the following morning," Hardes recalls. "As it turned out, her courier wasn’t picking up until that evening, so I was able to go back inside, finish the Richard Simmons workout, and then head to the office to pull the products that she needed in time for her courier to pick up."

Whether we are stretching, hunting or just sitting at home in front of the TV, we're ready to drop everything when you need service. We know that your project might be derailed without an effective after-hours program, so we'll do whatever it takes to strengthen our relationship with our customers. Ask Us for more information!

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