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Grab Sample Modules Offer Speed and Flexibility

by Alecia Robinson, on Thu, Mar 09, 2017 @ 14:03 PM

We have standard designs, and can customize them to meet your needs


Pictured above is the Grab Sample Module with purge, this is one of the standard grab sampling systems offered by Edmonton Valve & Fitting.

Grab sampling provides a safe and reliable way to collect a representative gas or liquid sample from pipelines, tanks, or systems, and transport it to the lab for analysis.

Placing the sample in an open bottle for transport isn't a good practice. Some chemicals will evaporate or fractionate if the sample isn't extracted and kept under pressure. A good grab sample system will put it in pressure-containing metal cylinders.

To help safeguard an operator, a dual needle design with a spring return delivery valve delivers the sample only when a bottle is seated and vented appropriately.

The best part about Swagelok grab sample modules is that we build them right here at Edmonton Valve & Fitting. We have some standard configurations available, but you also have the option to modify the layouts to suit your needs. They can even be put into Nema-4X enclosures if the customer wants the module to be kept outside. We can help you figure out what design will work best for you. We know where the grab sample modules fit into the overall systems.We know how to make the necessary pressure-drop calculations and figure out the time delays to know how the instruments will affect the process. If you need a cooler in the module (recommended when the supply temperature exceeds 60ºC) we know how to select the appropriate size for your application.

What's inside

The modules use our 40 Series ball valves to direct flow. They are geared together so that you get single-handle operation when you need to switch from "off" to "sample" or "vent." We have both two-valve and three-valve configurations available.

There's a purge option for chemicals that may leave a resident or contaminate lines if not flushed from the system. The purge option allows you to introduce air, solvent or other fluid to clean the lines.

If you need a flowmeter, relief valves, check valves or expansion chambers, we can add them with no fuss. (We put the whole assembly into an enclosure, and you can choose whether you'd like the tubing on the front or in the back.

Our standard material in building grab sample modules is 316 stainless steel, but we can use brass and alloy for some configurations. Electropolished tubing is available, improving the surface finish of the tube to allow for a quicker response to certain reactive chemicals. We also offer the option of coatings such as SilcoNert, Solcolloy and Dursan.

And we can offer a single CRN number for the complete assembly.

If you want your analytical instrumentation system to give a reliable picture of the fluid in the process line, you need a good sample. With a grab sample module from Edmonton Valve & Fitting, you are off to a good start.

Tell us what you need for your sample system (through our website or by calling 780.437.0640) and we can start working on a Grab Sample Module configuration that's right for you.

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