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Here's a Video View of Your Needle Valve Options

Swagelok offers a wide range of valves for regulating flow

Review this Tech Tip video to see Swagelok's needle valve options to help regulate flow based on your fluid system requirements 

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What kind of needle valve do you need for your application?

It depends a lot on the system and on the user. But we do have a few guidelines you may want to consider, all explained in a two-minute Tech Clip video

To start with, Swagelok makes two general categories of needle valves for general service and for severe service.

General service valves are made from a forged body. The design has the packing high on the stem, so the stem threads are exposed to the fluid passing through. 

The general service valves come with three basic types of stem tips. First there's a soft-seat stem tip for applications that are a little dirtier, where you may be concerned about damaging the stem tip. Next is a V stem tip, for times when you want a little more regulation. Third is the regulating stem tip, for the finest degree of regulation. Note that the regulating stem tip requires more turns of the handle to open it up.

One final option in the general service category is the toggle valve. It's designed for applications where you have to fully open the valve quickly and leave it open, or when you want to open and shut the valve quickly.

For severe service

Severe service valves are made of solid bar stock and have a union bonnet design. That design prevents the valve from being accidentally disassembled. Severe service valves have the packing below the stem threads so that the lubricant is protected from the system media. 

Severe service valves come with a standard ball stem tip. It's a unique design where the ball rotates on the stem tip. As you close the stem tip down, you don't run the risk of grinding the tip into the stem seat. You can also get the severe service valve with a more regulating stem tip.

If you want to explore even more options, click on the link to get all seven valve catalogues.

If this information hasn't been helpful and you're still not sure which needle valve your application requires, feel free to give us a call at 780-437-0640 or by contacting us through our website

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