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New Full-Bore Ball Valve Handles 6000 psig + Available for Sour Gas

by Derek Green, on Tue, Sep 29, 2020 @ 08:09 AM

Swagelok GB Ball Valve

Need a 6,000 psig valve with more flow, available for sour gas? Check out our GB Series ball valve designed for easy installation, fewer leak points, and long  service in corrosive environments.

GB-series-ball-valveMeet our full-bore, bi-directional flow-capable GB Series ball valve. It's engineered to provide high flow rates at a working pressure of 6,000 psig (413 bar). It's available for sour gas service, featuring materials selected in accordance with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156. Other body material options include 316/316L, 6-Moly, Alloys 2507, 625, 825, and C-276.

GB Valve Resources Page

Click above to visit a new page we've created to deliver all the latest information about this valve, including the product sheet, Swagelok catalogue, a Processing Magazine article, and an animation video. The page also has a cutaway showing some of the unique features of this valve.

Everything about this valve is designed to help you simplify, speed up, and save. For example, the bolt pattern enables connection of an optional lockout handle, panel mount kit, or an ISO 5211 pneumatic actuator. Body seals are designed for hydrostatic system proof testing up to 1.5 times its maximum rated pressure. Bidirectional flow and shutoff capabilities ensure correct valve orientation during assembly. A crimped end screw design guards against accidental disassembly. And integral Swagelok end connections from 3/8 in. to 1 in. minimize the time and money spent on purchasing, installing, and testing. 

Processing Magazine featured the GB valve in July 2020, writing:

“Examples of ideal applications for the valve include hydraulic, injection, and fire suppression systems in the oil and gas industry and isolation in highly corrosive alkylation operations in the chemical and petrochemical industry. When combined with Swagelok’s broad range of tube fittings, tubing, and instrument valves, the new ball valve enables customers to build a complete 6,000 psig-rated fluid system with tubing diameters up to one inch using all Swagelok components.” —Processing Magazine, July 2020

For all the oil and gas companies in our area, corrosion resistance is key. Many engineers in this region specify in the design phase that all components must be certified for sour gas applications. And for all those in transportation in our area, ball valve orifice size is key. The GB valve meets all those needs. They're full bore and handle 6,000 psig and available for sour gas.

Lastly, GB valves now comes with a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).

GB Valve Resources Page

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