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Seal Support Simplified: Call Edmonton Valve & Fitting

by Alecia Robinson, on Wed, Aug 23, 2017 @ 09:08 AM

API 682 tells you what you need; we'll customize it, build it fast, and warranty it


Whether you are in need of single seal, dual seals, quench seals or gas seals, we've got you covered. Edmonton Valve can build seal support systems based off API Standard 682 and customize the designs to suit your system needs.

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Most plants have centrifugal or rotary pumps. Those pumps have seals to protect their shafts. How can you make sure those seals last a long time? You could start from scratch and plan out a system of tubing, valves, drains and filters. But thanks to the American Petroleum Institute, you don't have to. The trade association has come up Standard 682, a list of dozens of piping plans recommended for shaft sealing systems on centrifugal and rotary pumps.

If you have a setup with a single seal, dual seals, quench seals or gas seals, API Standard 682 probably has you covered.

Let's say you have a pump in high-temperature service, and you want to reduce the fluid temperature to cool the seal or increase the fluid vapor margin. Go to Plan 21, and you'll see how to set up a system with a single seal, cooling unit, temperature indicator, vents and a drain.

Or you may have something more complex in mind, involving hazardous or toxic fluids. The API suggests Plan 52, a dual-seal setup where the outboard seal acts as a safety backup for the primary seal.

If you have a situation where you need an abrasives separator, an external flush stream, pressurized seals, unpressurized seals or a host of other factors, there's probably an API 682 plan that covers the situation.

We make it even easier

But you don't even have to go to the trouble of building a seal support system to API specs, because Edmonton Valve & Fitting can do it for you. Our seal support systems are fully assembled locally. We can make sure you are using the best plan for your situation, get the work done fast, and warranty the completed assembly. You can order the whole assembly with a single part number.

We can even customize the configuration. Some seal manufacturers will sell you a support system, but their primary interest is in selling the seal itself. You'll have to take the support system as it comes, and somehow make it fit into your site. At Edmonton Valve & Fitting, however, we will take the time to produce a layout that works for you — maybe tall and skinny, maybe low and wide — so that you don't have an odd piece of equipment sticking out where it make become an inconvenience or even a safety hazard.

Because we have deep expertise in assembling fluid system components, you'll get high reliability and quality and consistent performance.

Which API 682 plan is right for you? We'll help you find out if you contact us through our website or call us 780-437-0640.

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