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Swagelok’s RHPS Series Regulators Just Got Better with a New Low-Temperature Option

by Katie Reid, on Thu, Feb 07, 2019 @ 15:02 PM

Alberta's winter weather is no match for these high-flow regulators

RHPS regulators

Exciting news for those in cold regions (especially us in Alberta right now...), Swagelok's RHPS Series Regulators are now all available with low temperature ratings, -49°F (-45°C). Download the catalogue today to get all the necessary specifications.

RHPS Series Regulators

Ever since its debut at the Global Petroleum Show in 2012, Swagelok's RHPS Series of regulators has proved to be a popular high-flow regulator. And this year they got even better.

The RHPS line of regulators is impressive to begin with. There are over two dozen different models ranging in sizes from ¼” to 4” in size. Pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi and control ranges as low as .72 psi (20”H2O). Swagelok regulators are used in numerous applications, industries and environments.

RHPS regulator options

We offer the RHPS series in two types: pressure-reducing regulators and back-pressure regulators. Both are available with either spring-loading or dome-loading with pressurized gas. The spring- and dome-loaded mechanisms can be used in combination with one another. The resulting effect provides the function of a differential pressure regulator. This regulator is designed to control pressure, which is the sum of a reference pressure (provided by the dome) and a bias pressure (provided by the spring).

The RHPS cartridge design allows you to change the seat — a high-wear component — without taking the whole regulator off the line.

Low-temperature option

Now all of the models of the RHPS series line are available with a very low-temperature option that can be rated as low as -49°F (-45°C). These regulators can now be used in even lower temperature systems or climates.

Some applications where pressure drops across a regulator can create lower temperatures, the new low temperature option may be a solution. Additionally proper sizing can be critical to manage the challenges of pressure & temperature changes. Swagelok Engineers can help you avoid the over/under sizing of your regulator requirements.

There are numerous possible applications for this very extensive line of regulators. Combining our engineered sizing solutions with the new colder temperature option greatly expands the versatility of the Swagelok regulators offerings. Contact us with any regulator questions or inquiries you have - we have specialists ready to assist.

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