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Worried about Accidentally Intermixing Lines with Quick Connects?

Swagelok's Tech Tip video explains how to ensure multiple lines don't get crossed with keyed quick connects


Review our video that explains how Swagelok can help prevent costly fluid system errors

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The solution is Swagelok keyed Quick Connects that feature a combo of colour-coding and a keyed interface

Swagelok Quick Connects offer a reliable, non-twisting or turning wrench free connection. When it comes to using quick connects, we're often asked how to prevent the accidental intermixing of multiple lines which may contain different fluids or pressures. One simple way is to polarize the end connections. That means on one line you have a stem and a body, and on the second line you simply reverse the flow. 

That's easy if you have only two lines, but what if you have more than two? That's where Swagelok keyed quick connects come into play. The only way you can get a positive interaction is to connect the colour-coded stem with the same colour-coded body. We've produced a 90-second video that shows you exactly what we're talking about.

How does it work?

If you try to interconnect a different colour-coded quick connect, the positive mechanical shutoff prevents the valve from functioning at all. No valve stem or body will mix with the wrong color. You can also protect uncoupled connectors from contamination and damage with matching keyed body and stem protectors.

Swagelok offers multiple types of end connections as well as a choice of 8 different colour keys, so you can have a large array of lines without worrying about making the wrong connection. 

There are two other ways to make a good connection no matter what kind of fluid system product you are using: Call Edmonton Valve & Fitting at 780-437-0640 or send us a note through our website. If you’re just curious and wish to browse, we have many different quick-connects available that can be found in our full catalogue.

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