Industrial Steam Sampling Best Practices Resource Collection

Collection - Steam SamplingThis collection includes:

  • Industrial Steam Sampling Best Practices Technical Briefing Video
  • Steam Trap Test Station with Universal Mount Literature
  • Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide
  • Pre-Insulated Tubing Bundles Catalogue: Electric-Traced and Steam-Traced
  • Links to articles by our local team, other technical briefings, and more

About the technical briefing

Checking boiler chemistry, boiler water quality, carry over, and condensate corrosion is essential. Familiarize with common errors like leakage, incorrect valves, lack of clear operating procedures, and improper labeling. Then learn keys to proper design, assembly, and installation. For example, accounting for the way tubing and pipe expand when heated is critical. 

Kelly PaffelOver 28 years Kelly Paffel has conducted thousands of steam system audits, project management tasks, product design, engineering assignments and trainings worldwide. He has achieved Steam System Level V certification in Steam Systems, is a member of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Steam Best Practices Committee and Steam Technical Committee.

Tristian McCallion

Edmonton Valve has relied on Tristian McCallion for 26 years. His current title is Custom Solutions Manager. For 12 years he also worked with Swagelok Energy Advisors across north America, providing training on steam fundamentals (TAP), steam trap testing & worked on a number of steam system audits.

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