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Check Out Swagelok Check Valves

by Taryn Hardes, on Thu, Jul 03, 2014 @ 15:07 PM


When you want fluids to flow in only one direction, check valves point the way. Download all our latest Swagelok valves literature in one step here:

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Did you know that you carry your very own check valve around with you every day? It's your heart. When your heart pumps, it makes sure the blood goes in only one direction. If the blood were to leak back where it came from, you'd be in really bad shape.

Swagelok check valves perform the same basic job. They prevent back-pressure from pushing a fluid in the wrong direction in your system.

One of our account managers, Mike Taylor, got a reminder of the value of check valves when he built a pond with a waterfall in his backyard. When he would shut off the pump for maintenance or other reasons, he noticed something about the waterfall.

Check Valves Updated-1

"Every time I turned it back on, it would take seven minutes for the waterfall to start flowing," he said. Well, of course. Gravity was pulling all the water back into the pond. He realized that with a check valve on the waterfall, the flow could restart right away.

An application our customers are more likely to see in the field would be, say a pneumatic timer. The check valve would be used in filling a bottle with air or gas. When the bottle is full, the air or gas can escape only through the metering valve at a set rate.

Several series

Swagelok check valves come in many styles, including poppet, ball, disc, flapper and gravity poppet valves. A key term to understand is "cracking pressure," the inlet pressure at which the first indication of flow occurs. Then there's "reseal pressure," the pressure at which there is no indication of flow.

Our C, CH and CP Series valves have fixed cracking pressures set at the factory, while our CA and CPA Series valves have adjustable cracking pressures. Even better, we also have maintenance kits, including Seal Kits and Spring Kits, which allow you to adjust the cracking pressure of your valve in case your application or system requirements change.

You can look at the full range by downloading just our check valves catalogue -- or get all our valves literature in one step


More Swagelok valves

Swagelok offers ball valves, diaphragm-sealed valves, bellows-sealed valves, needle shutoff and regulating valves, manifolds, check valves, metering valves, quarter-turn plugs, bleed and purge valves, excess flow valves, relief valves, sample stream select (actuated) valves, atomic layer deposition (ALD) valves, medium and high pressure valves, and valve locks. The variety means alot of literature, but we made it so you can get it all in one step. Download it free here:

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Or call us to talk about your system and what might be the best check valve for your needs: 780-437-0640.

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